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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Essentially You~ Our Bestselling Wiglet

Essentially You

This small wiglet clips right onto your own hair for added volume, style, and ease. This is the new hot hairpiece! It works with many different hair lengths and styles. Here it is on the store owner, Lynne. She looks fabulous in this cute style! It instantly adds, volume, length, and gives her new hair style for the day. This simple piece can be worn every day or just occasionally. With this little piece you will never have a bad hair day again, just pop this hairpiece on and you are ready to go! Is great for traveling, its a small piece that fits easily into a suitcase, and keeps your hair looking great even in humid climates. 

Lynne always looks great, but some days her hair needs an extra boost.

Grabbed this little hairpiece out of the back room, clipped it to her hair and instantly she looked ready to hit the town shopping. Love the fashionable swoop bang!

Attached with 5 snap easy clips. Does not damage your own hair. Can be worn to hide color regrowth, thin hair on the top. This piece can be worn farther forward to add extra bangs or shifted towards the back for a full crown.
Make an appointment to try this piece on and we can cut it to blend with your hair!

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