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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

7 No Fail Tips for Traveling with Your Wig

Traveling with a wig doesn't have to be stressful! Whether you are a novice or expert at packing, this essential game-day checklist will insure a smooth-sailing travel experience for both you and your wig.

1. Consider your travel time
Just as your favorite pair of shoes can become uncomfortable after a while, so can your wig. If you are making a long trek, consider wearing a scarf instead for comfort. If you are looking at a long day of traveling while wearing your wig, be sure to also wear a wig cap or mesh liner to keep the wig snug and comfortable to minimize pressure and itching after those long hours.

2. Pack your wig up nicely
There are several very nice carrying cases for your wig. If you do not have a carrying case just yet, a large, soft-sided cosmetics case will do the trick! Wrap your wig neatly in a hair net and place it in a large plastic zip bag. Then, gently place that in your case and viola!

3. Bring a traveling wig stand
A traveling wig stand is a minor investment that will keep your wig in tip-top shape while traveling. At night, it will provide the wig a solid base to breathe and stay shaped and will also aid in the drying process if you need to wash it on your trip. Plastic is the most ideal for air travel, as it will easily pass through security in your carry-on. If all else fails, and you find yourself in a hotel room without a wig stand, an ice bucket turned upside down may do the trick as well.

4. Pack for your wig just as you would your own hair
Don’t forget to bring along your wig comb, brush, spray, and any other fun accessories you use. Also, to save on money, pick up some small travel size bottles of your favorite wig products.

5. Remember that your wig is temperature sensitive
If you will be traveling somewhere warm, unless you have a high-temperature wig, never leave your wig in the hot car or out in the sun. Excessive heat can permanently damage the fibers in the wig.  You should also take this into consideration if you’re planning on checking your wig with luggage that will not be temperature protected.

6. Some additional items you may want to consider:
  •          A sleep cap will provide warmth at night
  •          A head scarf for windy days or comfort
  •          A hat to protect your skin and your wig on a sunny day
  •          A second wig, additional hair pieces, extensions, accessories that will provide a different look or additional convenience during your travels 
7. Want it even more streamlined?
Keep a traveling wig case stocked with all of the aforementioned items and just pick it up and go!

"I enjoy the preparatory elements of travel- packing my bags and choosing my outfits- 
but my favourite part is getting there"
Dominic Monaghan
Article written by Brieanna Lowe