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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012

New 3 Seam Turbans in Stock for Fall

This classic style is designed to provide style and warmth throughout the seasons. Versatility offers a simple look that can be worn alone or paired with a fab accessory. Available in all the classic colors, plus pizazz colors for the bold!

3 Seam Turban worn with a wired headband

3 Seam Turban

Perfect for the holidays!
3 Seam Turban worn with a braided headband.

3 Seam Turban worn with a turban tie

Worn alone, perfect for mix and matching!

Wired headbands can be worn many ways.

3 Seam Turban worn with a simple secure headband.
Helps keep your hat from moving around!

Perfect combo for the girly girl!

Love this earthy combo.

So classic and chic in Black and Gold!

New Hats: Fleece Sleep Cap

New item in stock, Flurry Fleece Sleep Cap. With winter approaching and many cold months ahead, keep your head warm around the house and during the nights with this Flurry Fleece Sleep Cap. Extra soft, matches your bath robe! In stock now.