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Friday, July 17, 2015


Washing a wig, extension, or hairpiece can be as easy as 1,2,3! However, most wearers are slightly hesitant to begin the washing process, thinking they might ruin their piece in one way or another. Have no fear! Lynne's Wig Boutique is here for you to help walk you through the process and are certainly happy to answer any questions you might have.

In truth, washing your wig, extension, or hairpiece is actually a critical part of the maintenance process. This step is needed to keep your wig smelling fresh and clean, while also looking hydrated and healthy. It is recommended to wash a synthetic piece once every 15 - 30 days. No too bad! In reality, washing this piece once or twice a month will seem so blissful compared to maintenance process of taking care of your natural hair.

Before we jump into the process, I wanted to share my spiel about products. With synthetic pieces being of a completely different fiber and source than your natural human hair - it is so important to use synthetic products on synthetic pieces. Products formulated for human hair have active ingredients that work with the natural proteins and oils that our bodies produce. These human hair products are amazing and work great for the hair that they are suited for (aka human hair); however, the active ingredients tend to react differently on synthetic fibers, causing the fiber to be "coated" with a thick, textured, and unwanted barrier. More so, after continual use, these human hair products will begin to create a build-up at the base of your wig, extension, or hairpiece. Having this build-up sit on the hand-tied or machine sew cap can cause the stitching to loosen and the wearer to be unhappy. 

On the plus side, synthetic products are a fraction of the cost of human hair products and easy to obtain! An average synthetic shampoo and/or conditioner will be anywhere from $10-$16 each, around 8-8.5 fluid ounces, and will last you 1-2 years. Only a 1 tablespoon worth of product is needed with each washing, which leads to the incredible longevity of these products.

Let's Begin the Washing Process:

1. Fill a sink basin with luke-warm water
2. Pour 1 TBS of synthetic shampoo into the water - mix with hand
3. Immerse wig in soapy water - let the piece sit for 10-15 minutes

4. Pick your piece up out of the basin, allowing the soapy water to fully run through
5. Dip your piece in the soapy water again and repeat steps 4-5 a few times.
6. Drain sink
7. Hold piece under the sink faucet, allowing the clean water to run through the entire piece - continue rinsing until ALL soap bubbles are eliminated
8. Gently ring out piece
9 Wrap piece in a towel, gently blotting to remove the majority of water
10. Spray piece with a leave-in conditioner
11. Set piece on a wig stand with an open base to air dry - dry time will vary depending on length
12. After piece is fully dry, brush with a wide tooth comb

We here at Lynne's Wig Boutique sell all the products and stands needed for washing your wig, extension, or hairpiece - that way you are able to confidently care of you piece on your own. Additionally, we are able to wash, deep condition, repair, and/or style your wig for you if you would like to drop off your piece at our shop. This service is convenient and hassle free for the wearer.

Best of luck washing your wig, extension, or hairpiece! Call if there are any questions!