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Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Human Hair~ Contessa by Raquel Welch

This stunning hand tailored prosthesis made from luxurious 100% Eastern European human hair is Contessa from Raquel Welch. The hair glides like silk, is the most beautiful hair you can imagine. This new and innovative cap construction is designed for comfort and a 'barely there' feeling. Cap has a anti-slip skin that allows the cap to safely grip your head and a Swiss lace-front resulting in the most natural look and feel.

Top View, looks very natural. Every hair is hand sewn into the cap.


  1. I had a Bravo HH from RW and Ferres Diamond thats is a bit longer but this one is really tempting. As EHH ( maybe EHH like though) is pricy I wonder if its - or + 100euro? Looks stunning and very nice and not so thin hairy front, love that!

    /Hairless in Sweden

    1. I have owned the Contessa wig and would not recommend it. The cost was $2000 and it was NOT worth it! The color faded almost immediately, and my stylist tried to color it, but it would not hold color. The hair was very nice out of the box, but became shapeless and dry VERY quickly. I have found that the newer synthetic wigs are better than human hair and much, much less expensive.

    2. I am sorry that Contessa did not work for you. Human hair does have more maintenance than synthetic, it is important to deep condition your human hair wig EVERY time you wash it and use Argan oil to keep it moisturized. Since human hair does not have the natural oils, it needs the oil added back to it. This is the best quality human hair wig, it is virgin hair, which can be more stubborn with color. Damaged hair always holds color better than undamaged hair. Some hairdressers will leave the color on for up to 24 hours. (Please consult your hairdresser before coloring). Synthetic hair is very easy to maintain and it looks so natural, for some people synthetic is the way to go!


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