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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to keep your wig from slipping...

Does your wig slip around? Are you constantly adjusting your hair back into place? Read this post for some simple solutions on keeping your wig in place.

Since I have long hair I prefer to start off with putting my hair into a fishnet cap. These caps can be a little confusing because they are open on both ends. This is so you can wrap your hair and pin it in place.

First I place the fishnet cap around my neck like a necklace!

Then I pull it up and place the cap just around my hair line. I do not want the edge of the cap to show under my wig, so I push it just far enough back until it won't be seen. Then I wrap my hair into a tight bun and bobby pin it in place.
 Solution 1: Foam band with clips
To give the wig something to grip to, I wrap a foam band around my hairline and clip in place with a little prong clip.

If I really want to secure the wig, I will use 3 prong clips. This gives the wig 3 spots to hook to and keep from slipping.
Foam bands are $1.00
Package of Prong Clips $3.00
Total cost $4.00
For only $4.00 you might as well give it a try!
 Solution 2: Sure Grip Band
This simple little band is lightweight and ultra comfortable. The band has Velcro ends which makes it easy to put on. Place around hairline and Velcro ends together. Simple!
You can wear the Velcro in the front of back depending on what is the most comfortable to you.

Benefits of the Sure Grip Band:
*Secures the wig in place
*Cushions and comforts
*Prevents pressure headaches
*Temperature regulating
The is the deluxe way to secure your wig!
Cost of the sure grip $35.00
This is only 2 of our most popular ways to help keep your wig in place. We also sell, toupee clips, clear double stick tape, glues, bobby pins, nylon caps, and more!
Don't give up on your wig, stop by and let us see what we can do to help you!

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