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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wigs: A Necessity in the Celebrity World

Wearing a wig may seem like an inconvenience at times, but don’t forget that it’s also considered a luxury in our culture. It may surprise you to learn, many celebrities wear wigs on a day-to-day basis. A wig provides instant style and an opportunity to diversify your look without permanently damaging or changing your hair. You may be surprised to know that the "perfect hair" that you see and cannot seem to achieve is actually, you guessed it...a WIG!

The Trail Blazers

Jackie Kennedy Onassis

With her large round glasses, perfectly coifed hair, and classic style that has withstood time, Jackie O wore a wig. Surprised?

For many years, she denied the claims. However, her sister-in-law Joan Kennedy accidentally slipped up one day by saying, “You know, Jackie talked me into wearing a wig. She has three of them, and she wears them a lot, especially for traveling. I tried one, but it just felt silly."

Tina Turner

Just hearing the name, "Tina Turner" alone almost makes you want to dance. Known for her statuesque gams, signature wild hair, and frilly get-ups, Tina Turner has been rumored to have alopecia. However, there are no sources that confirm it. The musical icon has been sporting wigs for decades. As you can see, the wig adds all of the elements that bring out Tina's true personality. She is barely recognizable without it.
Tina Turner's Natural Hair

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton has always played coy about her looks, whether real or fake. However, in her more recent years, she is much more open about her hair and the work she's had done admitting she would never leave home without her wig. She brings a certain amount of charm and wit to it all, which is why so many people have loved her over the years. She proudly pokes fun at her hair pieces and wigs. "One time I was riding a bicycle with my best friend Judy Ogle and I hadn't pinned my wig on all that well. We went to this little grove with an overhanging tree. As I cycled under it, I saw Judy crying with laughter. I turned around and there was my hair, hanging from a branch. I had to turn around quickly and snatch my hair off the tree."

"Then another time, I was doing a show and my fiddle player got his bow stuck in my hair. Every time he played a note, I could feel my hair piece lifting up. I was fighting to keep it on."


Over the years, Cher has been no stranger to wigs. From her, "If I Could Turn Back Time" days, to "Believe" and even most recently, "Woman's World", the pop artist has not been shy about being loud through her hair.  She has even gone as far as wearing a "paper wig" in her video"Woman's World". If anyone can pull it off, Cher can!

Ru Paul

Ru Paul took us by storm in the nineties, decorating the era with her fabulousness! One of the first famous drag queens, she had an array of dashing styles, cuts, and colors that illustrated her tremendous personality.

The Trendsetters

Lady Gaga

When you think, “crazy wigs”, Lady Gaga definitely tops the list. In an interview with Anderson Cooper, she said, “Sometimes I wake up and I don't want to be me. But then I remember my sweet, gorgeous fans looking at me so glassy-eyed from the audience. And I want to brave for them….My bravery is in my clothing and in my jewelry and in my nails and in my wigs. "

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is also a fashion mogul, capitalizing on her signature spunky, and at times, outlandish style. Currently, the star is facing a $30 million legal battle involving her wigs.  Terrance Davidson, her former hair stylist and wig designer claims that she took a number of his popular wig designs that he made custom for her, without his consent, and used them to start her own wig line. It is no secret that her wigs have catapulted her into mega stardom. Her fragrance bottles are even topped off with a small signature wig.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry, in her earlier “California Girls” days, was known for that glossy, bright blue, pin-up style wig. In her more recent video, “Roar”, she was shown burning the wig to show how she has grown. These days, she wears several wigs that aren't quite as flashy, but are even more glamourous.

Miley Cyrus

The foam finger-pointinf star is onto something! She has certainly been making quite a name for herself since her “adult-debut”, dancing on stage with Robin Thicke at the VMA's. In her new “I Adore You Remix”, the pop star wears a sultry brown wig complete with bangs. Recently, Cyrus also posed in a provocative shoot for W Magazine, wearing a blonde wig and bleaching her eyebrows, enough to make anyone do a double take.


When we hear A-list, we think of the Queen B herself! She always looks glowing, flawless, and confident. Beyonce mixes her look up with different wigs and hairpieces as well as wearing her hair natural.


Rihanna continually exudes her own tough-girl, glam while she's busy dominating the music charts. Her wigs and hair pieces truly add dimension to her looks.

The Classics

Oprah Winfrey

Who doesn’t feel inspired by Oprah? Throughout the decades, she has had many different looks, styles, and sizes—and through it all we love everything she touches! Leave it up to Oprah to give us some inspiration in regards to our tresses.  “Hair plays a major role in how we express our vision of ‘self.’ And getting a new hairdo can change what we see and feel is possible. I even notice a change in my dogs when they get their summer cuts: They're friskier and livelier, feeling more themselves, once the weight of the hair is released.”

Sheri Shepard

“The View” hostess never blushes when she talks about her wigs. She sports them openly and proudly as she should.

Kim Zolciak

This housewife is also unashamed of her not-so-natural golden locks. Zolicack has also openly shown her real hair. She admits that she likes her natural hair but she can’t get it to quite do what her amazing wigs can.

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams talks about being in the “wig closet”. She now is very open about her wigs and loves talking about them. She even has her own line of wigs.

"I had to learn about ‘magic hair’ because my own hair became so thin as a result of my disease. I have long hair, but it’s too thin to do anything with it. Hair and skin are the first two things people see when they look at woman. Those two things have to be on point to be really in the game from my point of view.[...]I’m a big woman with a big personality. A big woman with a big personality cannot
have little hair."

Just for Fun

Other Celebrities Just Like To Wear Them For Fun!

Kim Kardashian 
Christina Aguilera
Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes

Queen Latifa


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