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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Temporary Tattoo Eyebrows in stock!
*Smear proof
*Lasts for Days
Get this new cosmetic eyebrow you can easily put on and wear. Semi-permanent tattoos that apply to the skin, with water, in about 60 seconds.
Temporary Eyebrow Tattoos have the reliability of permanent like makeup and don't rub off like traditional eyebrow pencils or powders. They are easily applied and symmetrical, no more trying to get both sides even! They are waterproof and swimming is a welcomed activity!
Available in different colors and styles.
Temporary eyebrow tattoos cause absolutely no discomfort to apply or remove. Manufactured with safe inks and are FDA approved. Easily remove with makeup removal pads or baby oil.
4 Step Application
1. Cut and separate one pair of eyebrows.
2. Position both tattoos evenly on brow area.
3.Press firmly with a wet cloth for 60 seconds
4. Peel the transfer sheet and let dry.

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