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Friday, January 6, 2012

Heat Defiant Wig Care and Styling Tips

Styling Tips & Care Instructions for Heat Defiant Wigs, Extensions, and Hairpieces.

• Comb hair free of tangles (We recommend using a detangler for synthetic fibers)

• Take a 1 - 1.5” section of hair (Smaller sections = tighter curl, large section = looser curl).
• Gather hair in curling iron, smooth through to the ends, roll up towards weft.
• Hold for 15-20 seconds, release curl into palm. (We recommend using a SmartHeat curling iron with the heat setting set on synthetic.)

• Holding curl in one hand, gather up towards base and clip

COOL• Allow curl to cool completely, remove clip. Let curl hang naturally.• Hair can be combed (use fingers or a wide tooth comb for best results).

    • Take 1-1.5” section, starting at least 2” away from base, slowly smooth flat iron down towards end, keep hair smother with a comb behind the flat iron.
    • Continue through ends (2-3 times if needed).
    • Allow hair to hang naturally to cool.
    (Use your flat iron on the lowest/coolest setting) 

    HD Care Instructions
    • Gently comb through any tangles using a wide tooth comb.

    • Wash with a capful of synthetic Shampoo in cool water.
    • Rinse throroughly and shake out any excess water.
    • Once rinsed, apply Jon Renau Conditioning Spray
    • Either allow to air dry or blow dry (If using a blow dryer we recommend using the lowest heat setting)
      Tip: We recommend that ONLY a wide tooth comb is used to style and/or detangle your new.

      Not up to styling your wig yourself? Remember you can always bring it in to Lynne's Wig Boutique for a style, wash and style, deep conditioning treatment, and burn/frizz repair.

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