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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Top 15 Heat Friendly Wigs

Ignite by Jon Renau
Every year after Thanksgiving we have a bunch of lady's come running into the store in a panic because they have melted their bangs while cooking the Thanksgiving family feast. Most wigs are made out of synthetic fiber that can not withstand any heat. We always advise our customers to stay away from curling irons, straighteners, blow dryers, but there are also the not so obvious things such as, ovens, fires, and barbeques. Please remember this holiday season to have your husband, sister, or friend take out the food from the oven, and be careful when sitting by a hot fireplace. While most wigs can not withstand any heat, there is a newer synthetic fiber that is heat friendly! Every wig company has a different name for this 'heat friendly' fiber, but the important thing to remember is these wigs can withstand low heat, up to 350°. That means if you are baking cookies, wearing this wig is perfect! If you are broiling, do not wear this wig. If you are sitting by a fireplace, you wig will be okay, but if you put your hair too close to the fire, it will not be okay. Use your best judgment, but remember 350° is your magic number! This fiber can also be heat styled on a LOW setting. This means you can curl, straighten, and blow dry your wig. This holiday season treat yourself to a new wig that is forgiving around heat.

Below is a list of our favorite 15 'heat friendly' wig styles. I put them in order of shortest to longest, because there is not a #1 best style. Not everyone looks good in the same hair. I also want to mention that heat friendly hair is a newer fiber and not every style is available in this new luxury fiber. These styles below range from $100-$400. While heat friendly hair can cost a bit more than true synthetic hair, wig costs is usually determined by how the cap is made. Machine made caps are less expensive whereas hand-tied caps are more expensive. If you see a style you like, please come in and try it on!

1. Eris by Tony of Beverly
This short razored spiky cut is sassy and easy


 2. Anne by Jon Renau
Grown out pixies are all the rage
 3. Close Up by Raquel Welch
Be ultra chic in this asymmetrical classic cut

 4. Opening Act by Raquel Welch
Make your friends jealous with this A-lined short shag  
 5. Ignite by Jon Renau
This traditional A-line is always in style
 6. Heat by Jon Renau
Layered chin length has instant body
 7. Ceres by Tony of Beverly
Put some bounce in your step with this curly do 
 8. Upstage by Raquel Welch
Chin length with some layers gives this a sleek look
9. Haute by Jon Renau
Classic Jennifer Aniston haircut is stunning
10. Mara by Tony of Beverly
Be a bombshell in these shoulder length waves
11. Always by Raquel Welch
Cascading curls is the ultimate holiday hair this year
12. Flame by Jon Renau
Shoulder length blunt cut with bangs is hip and trendy
13. Drew by Jon Renau
Long sweeping bangs with feathered layers is every girls dream
14. Fiery by Jon Renau
Have the healthiest hair in town with this long cut
15. Scene Stealer
You will 'steal the scene' with this ultra long hair 

I hope you enjoyed our top 15 heat friendly wigs for the holidays. Remember this hair can be heat styled, which means you can change the look of any of these wigs. Wear it straight for a while, then curl and enjoy a change. Heat friendly hair takes time and patience to change the look. If you want a change, but do not have the time to style it, bring it in and we will gladly style your wig any way you like.
*Tip: To keep heat friendly hair from tangling use a HD Detangler and a wide tooth comb. 

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