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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Faux Fringe by Raquel Welch

Lynne wearing Faux Fringe
Faux Fringe

A handy hair addition, Faux Fringe offers fashionable bangs seamlessly without the commitment of cutting your hair. Adds volume, fringe, and fashion instantly! Featuring a monofilament crown for a smooth, natural contour, this helpful top-of-head piece includes 4 pressure sensitive clips for an easy, comfortable and secure attachment. This is a brand new piece part of the Raquel Welch 2013 collection.

All natural, no additions.


Wow what a change in hairstyle! This piece gives a straight fringed look. Adds length and instant style. Just a half piece that clips to your own hair. This piece is more lightweight than a full wig.

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